Use a Little or a Lot

If it doesn’t cost us, it doesn’t cost you!

You are in total control!

The Low Down

To join the revolution with OurCRM today, you have the OPTION to pay a one-time £249 + VAT Set-Up Fee, this includes your technical set up and 1 hour user training.

Following that, your monthly subscription fee will be just £95, £195 or £295 + VAT per month (dependent on which package you opt for) and that’s for as long as you stay.

We’re committed to maintaining this price for our clients without any future changes.

At OurCRM, we constantly hear from frustrated clients and prospects about the pricing models of traditional CRM systems. They typically charge per seat, per staff member, or per contact, this means the monthly subscriptions can skyrocket to more than £500 per month. This could include the CRM fee, additional plug-in’s and alternative platforms that connect to the CRM, for example, Calendly, Vimeo, Pipedrive, etc etc.

That’s why OurCRM is different, we’re offering a different approach. If it doesn’t cost us anything, it won’t cost you anything either.

With OurCRM, you have the potential of UNLIMITED team members, unlimited contacts, web pages, funnels, templates, and much more—all included in your monthly subscription.

Your usage is dependent on you and your business needs. You stay in control!

For £30 of ‘usage’ credits (which do not expire) you have the ability to send over 30,000 emails or about 3,000 texts or generating approximately 280,000 words using AI. Therefore, you add £30 to your account, this may take 2-3 months to use if your usage initially is low. When you reach a minimum threshold of £10, the system will automatically add more credits (you control this threshold).

Monthly subscriptions have no minimum term contracts or tie-ins—you can cancel at any time.

REMEMBER, You only pay for what you use.

Sending emails

If you use the built-in Lead Connector service to send emails then the cost will be $10 (c.£8) to send 10,000 emails. If you wish, free of charge, you can “bolt on” your own email sending engine eg SendGrid, MailGun – even Gmail (but Gmail does restrict you to 500 emails per day). Contact OurCRM support to have this feature enabled.

Email verification

$0.0035 per email verification. $10 gives about 2855 verifications. Email verification is a great tool to keep email bounces down and ensure good deliverability to ISPs.

Phone numbers

Each phone number added to the system incurs a monthly “line rental”. This depends on the number selected and is clear at the time of sign-up. As a guide for a UK mobile number it is in the region of $1.75/ mo.

Phone calls

Making phone calls through OurCRM will incur charges. There are many variables depending on numbers called – but as a rule of thumb outbound calls are charged between 3 and 6p per minute. Inbound calls and 0.8p/min. Call to premium services will cost more, for example £1.50 per minute.


A one of monthly subscription of $29.99 per month. Unlimited messages.

AI usage

Workflow AI. $0.045 / Workflow. $10 gives about 220 Workflow AI’s.

Premium Triggers and Action in Workflows. $0.012 per Workflow action. $10 gives about 835 actions

Content AI (ie ChatGPT). $0.135/1000 words. $10 gives abput 74,000 words.

Conversation AI. $0.03/Message. $10 gives about 335 messages.

Reviews AI (auto reply to Google Reviews). $.12/review. $10 gives about 85 review responses

WordPress Hosting

Move your WordPress website hosting to our service. Features – Easy website setup and management – Fast page loading speed – Reliable uptime – Automatic backups and security measures. $20/mo

Dedicated IP

Only needed by very large volume email senders. $118/mo

Yext Listing

Online Listings by Yext is an incredibly powerful SEO tool that creates backlinks and ensures your client’s Vital business info (address, operation hours, phone numbers, etc) is consistent across 70+ of the world’s most reputable websites. $69/mo